What happens next for Eden and Darak ****SPOILERS***

So, you want to know what happens after “Number 101?”


Okay then, this is what is in store for Eden and Darak once they drive off in their Zombie Mobile:

In the first couple years, Eden and Darak travel the U.S. and Canada in their all-terrain RV, stopping along the way to do whatever they dang well please. While Darak is not enthusiastic about the three-feet of snow they encounter in the Rockies, he is all over a frozen waterfall they discover in Grand Teton, and the two acquire a love for ice climbing. They make their money from their YouTube Channel and gain many followers over the years. They spearhead an entire movement, leading thousands of young people (and some not-so-young) to understand that life does NOT have to involve bending the knee to middle management, and soon the parks and highways are teaming with vans and RV’s (loaded with sophisticated, comfortable Krinar technology) and bearing the slogan “Life is all about the Journey.”

When they eventually reach Mexico, they are interviewed on an internationally-syndicated show, and by the time they reach Buenes Aires, they are inter-globally famous. Their endorsements with North Face and Action Mobil have left them quite comfortable, financially, and winning the Nobel Prize for Peace (for doing more to bridge the cultural gap between humans and Krinar than any other entity, public or private) certainly doesn’t hurt them. Eden and Darak have yet to take on Europe, Asia, Africa, or even Krina, setting their sights instead on Antarctica as their next conquest.

Eden still resents that her parents forced her to free the bobcat kitten, so she and Darak are now the proud parents of a runny nosed Bengal (Mr. Schnuffles) and his cross-eyed sister (Ed). Ed spends her down-time making biscuits in Darak’s beard.

And Eden’s bewildered parents are happy for them both.


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