Number 101: A Krinar World Novella

Number 101:  A Krinar World Novella

Not Your Average Krinar Novel

A Beautiful story that crosses cultures and digs deep to the heart of what love is all about. You'll be crying for days...but in a good way!

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About the Book

When 20-year-old Eden Waller sneaks into a college bar, she’s after one thing: a kiss from the hottest guy in the place. Operation Smooch is number 38 on her bucket list, and she’s hell-bent on success. She doesn’t realize that her drool-worthy prospect is a young Krinar male, the same guy who solved a centuries-old puzzle and ruined her father’s career. Eden resents the Krinar invaders for their superior beauty, technology, and intellect, as no human could possibly compete.

25-year-old Darak came to this planet for one reason and one reason only: to get as much Earth-girl sex as he can in the six months he’s been given before returning home to start a real job. He doesn’t count on the instant connection with a young human girl who is so unique and full of life that he questions everything he believes about duty to his family and culture.

Inexorably drawn to each other, Eden’s and Darak’s passion cannot be constrained by the laws of man or nature. But each holds secrets that could tear them apart forever. Will their love continue to blossom, or will it wither and die?

Length: Novella

eBook Price: 1.99
"A sweet, but hot story of young love"
– Cara Bristol
"If you've read Close Obsession by Anna Zaires and you're anything like me then you would have ugly cried your heart out at the end of that book and well, let me tell you, this book will have you ugly crying just as much as the ending of Anna Zaire's second book in the Krinar Chronicles did."
– BingeworthyBookBlog
"Touching, yet deliciously dirty"
– Hattie Ivers
"Tears for Days"
– Anononyous
"Touching, yet deliciously dirty"
– Anna Zaires
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