Soap Seduction

Soap-Making Goats

Soap-Making Goats

On Goats…And Soap

I am an arts-n-crafts Fair Junkie. You tell me there’s a good fair anywhere within a fifty-mile radius and I’m there. Why? Because amongst the pieces of wood with cows and puppies painted on them, the dried flowers woven into princess crowns, and the inevitable Ye Old Hotdog Shoppes are the Soap Makers.

It’s all the fault of my oldest sister, really. For the purposes of this blog I shall call her the Rose Sister, since she’s a passionate expert on growing roses in the central California climate. But that’s not important here. The point is, she’s the one who got me hooked on home-made soaps. Every time we went on a trip together, she had to stop at all the homey-looking shops along the roadside and search for the perfect hand-made soaps. I’d stand there rolling my eyes and tapping my foot while she pawed through every scent, poured over all the ingredients, until at last she found that perfect bar that would make her life complete. Goats milk soap is her favorite – or it was the last time we traveled.

Then she sent me a bar. Soooooft. Siiiiilky. Smelled good, too. Maybe there was something to this stuff, after all. But this shit’s expensive. I’m telling you, one bar of soap will set you back somewhere between three and five dollars. I mean, it’s a bar of soap, right? Isn’t that about what a six-pack of Ivory costs?

But it’s made by goats. Or by someone who likes goats.

The other thing is I have a friend. Well, he’s the Boyfriend of my Friend, which makes him my friend, since I do like the guy. Anyway, my Friend and I were in Lush one day oo-ing and ah‑ing over all the personal care products when the Boyfriend started talking about how his grandmother used to make all her own soap. My ears perked up. Some of it, he said, was even medicinal. He swore she made him a special soap for his acne, and whenever he used it his face would clear up. Wouldn’t that be cool? I mean, seriously cool?

Now thoroughly intrigued, and for truly selfish reasons, I tried to get my Herbal Sister to sign up for a class on soap-making. She already makes her own lotions (from scratch!) and her own lip balms. I figured this would be a natural progression for her. And then I’d get all the nice-smelling stuff I could ever want.

For free.

Didn’t work. Herbal Sister has no intention of fulfilling my dreams of endless bars of free happy-goat soap. She just isn’t inspired. Or perhaps she just doesn’t like goats. (How could anyone not like goats? I love goats!).

So anyway, that’s how I ended up signing up for this class on soap-making. I figured, if no one is going to make this stuff for me, I’ll have to give it a go myself. So now if the apocalypse ever comes, I’ll still smell good and have soft skin.

I’m sort of hoping the instructor will bring a couple of goats. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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